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CHS Paintball Club
Adviser: Santiago
Wednesdays @ lunch
Rm#: Weight Rm
teach valuable teamwork and leadership skills. As well as enjoy the sport/hobby of paintball.
Down to Earth
Adviser: Trunell
Meetings for this club are TBA
to serve our community and school by creating and participating in events that better our community.
History Club
Adviser: Biron
Meetings: Mondays @ Lunch
Rm#: 803
to gather people that enjoy history together and to teach the value of civil discourse
Adviser: Lotze
Meetings: One Monday per month as called by president 
Rm#: 1506
to keep the students of centennial informed on the medical community; to show career choices in the medical field
Business Club
Adviser: Elliot
Meetings: Everyday
Rm#: 1401
to educate students on how a business functions and give the students work experience
Campus Life
Adviser: Farris
Meetings: Thursdays @lunch
Rm#: 1605
to expose people to the love of Jesus Christ
SAVE Promise
Adviser: Fidler
Meetings for this club are TBA
Rm#: 1201
(Students Against Violence Everywhere)
Adviser: Burzlaff
Meetings: 1st Wednesday of every month
Room #: 328
Plan choir events
Adviser: Stockton
Meetings:Tuesdays after school (2:30-3:30)
Rm#: 301
Create costumes and designs
Gay-Straight Alliance
Adviser: Henry
Meetings: 1st monday of every month
Rm #: 702
Advocate for racial, gender and educational justice.
Asian Club
Adviser: Biron
Meetings: Fridays @ lunch
Rm#: 803
indulge students about Asian Culture
Drama Club
Adviser: Hammons
Wednesdays @ lunch
To promote the enjoyment and participation in drama
Dream Catchers
Adviser: Biron
Meetings: Wednesdays @ lunch
Rm#: 803
for young people to come together, create and fulfill end-of-life dreams of hospice patients.
Dueling hawks
Adviser: Anderson
Meetings: Mondays @ lunch
Rm#: Library
Comradery in a fun environment
Meetings: By call of president @ lunch
Room 1701
Advocate PLTW, Engineering Outreach to middle schools, VEW Robotics Competition
Adviser: Fidler
Meetings: By call of president @ lunch
Rm#: 1201/703
To create a place for CHS students who are interested in fashion to come and be creative and express their ideas.
French Honor Society
Adviser: Greenburg
Meetings: one Thursday a month by call of president
Rm #:1305
Learning more about the French culture
Gamer’s club
Meetings:Wednesdays at lunch
Rm #: 301
To relieve people of the stress of life and for people of the same interests to meet
Adviser: Devera
Meetings:Every other Thursday @lunch
Rm #: PAC
Mock trial
Adviser: Dobson
Meetings:6th period as needed
Rm #: 805
To promote understanding of the American Legal system.
Ancestry Club
Adviser: Allen
Meetings:Thursdays @ lunch
Rm #: 1702
To learn about the different cultures of Centennial students. We want to promote unity through diversity and celebrate others.
National Honor Society
Adviser: Leanne Raddatz
Meetings:2 Mondays a month
Rm #: PAC
To stimulate desire to render service, promote worthy leadership. Encourage development of character.
Red Zone
Adviser: Chapman
Rm #: 1403
To rock out with your hawk out
Remnant Bible Club
Adviser: Farris
Fridays @ lunch
Rm #: 1605
Aid Christian Students in their walk/ read & interpret the bible
Adviser: Smith
Meetings:Tuesdays after school
Rm #: 1701
Inspiring students to start developing passion for careers in the Stem Field
Science Bowl
Adviser: Bell
Meetings:Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays @lunch
Rm #: 1602
Recruiting science bowl teams and organizing practices
Best Buddies
Adviser: Amanda Helms
Meetings:By call of the president @ lunch
Rm #: 1405
To get students involved in the lives of the Special Ed department
Dead Poets Society
Adviser: Richmond
Meetings:Every other Wednesday @ lunch
Rm #: 807
To create a non judgemental space where students can write freely and creatively
Spanish Honor Society
Adviser: Garza
Meetings:Once a month
Rm #: PAC
To introduce and understand Spanish speaking cultures
Adviser: Smith
Meetings:Wednesdays @ lunch
Rm #: Library
Helping young girls achieve their goals in engineering by offering events, challenges, and meaningful opportunities for girls k-12th grade
Virtual Business Club
Adviser: Elliot/ Combs
Meetings:By call of the president
Rm #: 1401
Run a virtual business, fundraise and compete at tradeshows
We the People
Adviser: Biron
Meetings:Daily at 1:30
Rm #: 803
to learn about constitution
Young Democrats
Adviser: Fidler
Meetings:Mondays @ lunch
Rm 1201
To provide a venue for students to learn, reflect and express values held by the Democratic party
Teen Republicans
Adviser: Combs
Meetings:Mondays @ lunch
Rm 1402
Raise political awareness
Debate Union
Adviser: Anderson
Meetings:Tuesdays @ lunch
Rm #: Library
to practice and promote public speaking and debate skills, especially in academic and competitive settings
Drip Club
Adviser: Roux
Meetings:By call of the president
to help Centennial students express their fashion taste while meeting/bonding with others.
Dungeons & Dragons
Adviser: Austin
Meetings:Thursdays @ lunch
Rm #: 605
to help students interested in Dungeons and Dragons find a safe environment to explore their creativity and make new friends.
Ex-Pats Club
Adviser: Meadors
Meetings:By call of the president
Rm #: 606
to find and connect with people who are new or new-ish to CHS and help them find friends/community.
Fandom Club
Adviser: Henry
Meetings:Wednesdays @ lunch
Rm #: 702
to talk about Fandom in a fun environment
Kpop Club
Adviser: Meadors
Meetings:Tuesday @ lunch
Rm #: 606
to be a place where people that like K-pop can come together to listen, enjoy and converse with others that share interests
Movie Matters
Adviser: Greenburg
Meetings:By call of the president @ lunch
Rm #: 1305
to distress and relax CHS students from their hectic lives and allow their mental health to recuperate while watching PG or PG-13 movies
Adviser: Dobson
Meetings:By call of the president
Rm #: 805
Raise awareness of mental health in order to end the stigma.
Political Discussion Club
Adviser: Fidler
Meetings:By call of the president
Rm #: 1201
to allow students to express and learn new political beliefs.
Psych Club
Adviser: McLeod
Meetings:Thursdays @ lunch
Rm #: 903
Promote mental health and awareness among CHS students.
Staff appreciation club
Adviser: Lee
Meetings:By call of the president
Rm #: 607
to give credit to ALL the different staff departments at Centennial.