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Dress Code, 2024-2025

At Centennial High School, students have the right to make individual choices from a wide range of clothing and grooming styles. The Centennial staff acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual, but also believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment.




Minimum Requirements:

1) Clothing must cover areas from one armpit across to the other armpit, down to approximately 3 to 4 inches in length on the upper thighs. Tops must have shoulder straps. Rips or tears in clothing should be lower than 3 to 4 inches in length.

  1. No exposed midriffs (when standing still or sitting).
  2. No deep-cut armpit holes.
  3. No exposed undergarments.

2) Shoes must be always worn and should be safe for the school environment.

3) See-through or mesh garments must be worn with appropriate coverage underneath that meets the minimum requirements of the dress code.


Additional Requirements:

1) Clothing may not depict, imply, nor advocate illegal, violent, or lewd conduct, weapons, or the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other controlled substances.

2) Clothing may not depict nor imply pornography, nudity, or sexual acts.

3) Clothing may not display nor imply vulgar, discriminatory, or obscene language or images.

4) Clothing may not state, imply, nor depict hate speech/imagery targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or any other protected classification.

5) Clothing and accessories that endanger student or staff safety may not be worn. (spikes on clothing, accessories, or shoes for example.)

6) Apparel, jewelry, accessories, tattoos, or manner of grooming that by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute, denotes membership in a gang that advocates illegal or disruptive behavior is prohibitive.


KHSD CODE OF CONDUCT AND STUDENT DISCIPLINE Prohibited items include disruptive clothing, inappropriate slogans or illustrations, revealing attire, dangerous or unsafe apparel, and gang-related articles. Any attire or adornment which creates a safety hazard for the wearer or others is prohibited. Included within these criteria is the expectation that all students will wear shoes. Specific learning activities in shops, labs, on-the-job training in business/industry, or

co-curricular activities may have additional clothing and appearance regulations. Please refer to the KHSD Parent-Student Handbook for more information.



Students in violation of this policy will be sent to the Dean’s office and are subject to receive one or more of the following consequences:

1) Trade in the inappropriate article of clothing for an appropriate garment. The student may retrieve the article in question from the Dean’s office at the end of the day.

  • The Dean’s office has clean and appropriate t-shirts available as well as PE shorts.

2) Call home and have appropriate clothing brought to school and the garment in question taken home.

  • The student will remain in the Dean’s office until an appropriate garment has arrived.

3) Request for both the student and parent to sign the dress code policy.

4) Students who have repeated dress code violations are subject to further means of correction and disciplinary measures.



Revised 06/10/2024