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------------Introductory Courses-----------

Media Arts 1
No- prerequisite
Use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create a portfolio of your own artwork.  You will learn to create flyers, posters, brochures and logos.

Major Areas of Study
Principles/ Elements of Art
Digital Imaging- Manipulating images using Adobe Photoshop
Illustration and Drawing using Adobe Illustrator
Page Layout using Adobe In-Design
Color Theory
Font/ Typefaces
Design Process
Career Research
Portfolio Development


Video Production / Multimedia
No- prerequisite
Students use Adobe After Effects and Premier to create to create multimedia productions. This project based course teaches students to work with production gear such as tripods, cameras, and storage media. Students will learn best practices for digital workflows and the management of a variety of digital assets.

Major Areas of Study
Introduction to Multimedia
Introduction to Audio

Photographic Production and Editing
Video Production and Editing
Multimedia Projects and Presentations
Career Portfolio Creation

-------------Concentrator Course-------------
Media Arts 2

Prerequisite= Media Arts 1

Use a variety of graphic design software to create your own logos, animations/ motion graphics, and  websites. Student also learn fundamentals of digital photography.

Major Areas of Study
Principles/ Elements of Art
Digital Imaging and Illustration,
Website Development
Motion Graphics/ Animation
Digital Photography