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Business Management Pathway Courses

Introduction to Computers (1-semester course)

Articulated with BC for Keyboarding

Open to all students

Course Description:
Introduction to Computers is a one-semester course designed to aid students in their working knowledge of computers as well as prepare them for success after high school. The class provides hands-on experience for learning the touch-typing method of keyboarding, the basic elements of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, professionally using e-mail, Internet basics, financial literacy, and career & college planning. All of which will be of practical use to students in both their personal and professional futures.

Business Computer Applications (yearlong course)

A-G “G” elective course; Articulated with BC; Pending dual enrollment with CSUB Software Productivity Tools MIS2000 for Fall 2017

Strongly recommended for freshman and sophomores seeking the Business Management Pathway

This course is open to ALL grades and is strongly recommended for all college and career bound students. College students are expected to know Excel; this course will provide students with a solid Excel foundational skill set.

Course Description:
Business computer applications systems as it relates to business and home use. Course introduces software topics in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet, electronic mail, file management, and data communications. Other topics include computer-based careers and trends, electronic computing issues, terminology, electronic communication skills, ethics, security, and netiquette in today’s business computing environment.

Introduction to Business (yearlong course)

A-G “G” elective course; Pending dual enrollment with CSUB Perspectives in Business BA1008 for Fall 2017

Open to Juniors and Seniors

This is the prerequisite course for Virtual Business.  In order to be considered for Virtual Business senior year, students must have successfully completed Introduction to Business during their Junior year.  

Course Description:
The major purpose of Introduction to Business is to provide students the skills needed to effectively organize, develop, create, and manage a business. Students will learn the significance of math, reading, writing, and communicating to their future within the framework of operating a small business. They will understand how the market economy and ownership leads to wealth creation. Students will learn not only the skills necessary to become a successful business person but also the attitudes, characteristic, and techniques needed to succeed. They will learn to be able to save and make future investments in order to meet their financial goals in life. Students will build analytical skills through solving complex problems and making sound decisions in order to produce a viable business.

Emphasis is placed on the functions of business management: organization, management, finance, marketing, information technology, product/service management, distribution, promotion, and selling, the government's role in a business, and the components of the free enterprise system and its place in our global economy, and the role quality and service play in business

Personal Finance is a topic that will be covered in much detail. Topics of focus will be related to income and taxes, financial responsibility through budgeting earnings, personal banking and investing, health and life insurance, and personal property insurance.

Additional topics to be addressed are softskills (human relations and interpersonal skills for success in the workplace), assessment of personal skills, career planning, and the importance of business ethics.

Virtual Business (yearlong course)

A-G “G” Economics

Selected enrollment through an application process and Business teacher recommendation.

Open to Seniors only.

Course Description:
Virtual Business is designed to introduce Economics by developing an awareness of the key concepts involved in business ownership. The students will learn about effective decision-making as it applies to business entrepreneurship. Instruction includes theories of microeconomics and macroeconomics – supply and demand, pricing and marketing, the Federal Reserve System, International economics and the differences among other economic systems used throughout the world today. The overall objective of the class is for students to acquire a strong foundation of knowledge of entrepreneurship at a professional level and to prepare them for university coursework or a career path in business. This course is designed to integrate core academic content with project‑based learning opportunities to deepen the students’ knowledge and create opportunities for meaningful learning that includes critical thinking and creativity.  

Virtual Business students will have numerous opportunities to compete in various business related competitions.

Centennial High School’s Virtual Business is a Nationally Recognized program for its excellence in business related competitions. It holds two National First Place Awards in the Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) Business Plan Competition (2006 & 2013), as well as numerous top placements in a variety of other business related competitions. Centennial’s Virtual Business holds a respectable presence in the US VEI network.


To learn more about the Virtual Enterprises International network go to www.veinternational.org.