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Staff Email list

Adkisson, Kim kim_adkisson@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Alexander, Sean sean_alexander@kernhigh.org Teacher – Physical Education
Allen, Christina Christina_Allen@kernhigh.org   Teacher – Science
Andersen, Glen gandersen@kernhigh.org Teacher – Librarian
Armour, Vondre ondre_Armour@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Biron, Joseph joseph_biron@kernhigh.org Teacher – Social Studies / We The People (Department Chair)
Branch, Matthew matthew_branch@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Branch, Roberta Roberta_Branch@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Brown, Chad Chad_Brown@kernhigh.org  Teacher – Physical Education
Burzlaff, Patrick patrick_burzlaff@kernhigh.org Teacher – Vocal Performance
Cardenas, Nora nora_cardenas@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Carrasco, Bibi bibi_carrasco@kernhigh.org Classified – Interventionist
Carter, Stephon stephon_carter@kernhigh.org Teacher - ACCESS
Cason, Leslie leslie_cason@kernhigh.org Teacher - Social Studies
Castro, Melanie melanie_castro@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math (Department Chair)
Chapman, Jayna jayna_chapman@kernhigh.org Teacher – Activities Director & ASB
Cherry, Roderick  Roderick_Cherry@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Combs, Tamara tamara_combs@kernhigh.org Teacher – Voc. Ed. Business (Department Chair)
Coppolo, Lacey lacey_coppolo@kernhigh.org Counseling – H-Mc
Cornford, Tom tom_cornford@kernhigh.org Counseling – S-Z
Coyle, Andrew Andrew_Coyle@kernhigh.org Teacher - Academic Achievement
Danley, Anna anna_danley@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Davenport, Joe jdavenport@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
De La Rosa, Roberto roberto_delarosa@kernhigh.org Dean of Students
Deger, Bryan Bryan_Deger@kernhigh.org Teacher – Social Studies
DeVera, John jdevera@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Diaz-Conti, Albert albert_diazconti@kernhigh.org Teacher – Spanish
Dobson, Brett brett_dobson@kernhigh.org Teacher – Social Studies
Durham, Dan ddurham@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Eldridge, John John_Eldridge@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Elliott, Jacilyn jacilyn_elliott@kernhigh.org Teacher – Vocational Education / Virtual Business
Escobar, Samantha  samantha_escobar@kernhigh.org Classifed - Secretary Athletics & Activities   
Farris, Judy judy_farris@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science
Faulkenberry, Jesse jesse_faulkenberry@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Ferralli, Suzie Suzie_Ferralli@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Ferralli, Tom tom_ferralli@kernhigh.org Teacher - Health
Fidler, Bryce Bryce_Fidler@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Finch, Eric eric_finch@kernhigh.org Classified - Social Worker
Forbus, April april_forbus@kernhigh.org Classified – Finance
Forter, Luisa luisa_forter@kernhigh.org Teacher – Modern Language (Department Chair)
Garrett, Stacy Stacy_Garrett@kernhigh.org Teacher – Program Specialist
Garza, Lydia lydia_garza@kernhigh.org Teacher – Modern Language
Geer, Jill jill_geer@kernhigh.org  Counseling – A-C
Gonsalves, Emilee emilee_gonsalves@kernhigh.org Counseling – Me-R
Greenberg, Esther esther_greenberg@kernhigh.org Teacher – Modern Language & Social Studies
Groves, Britney britney_groves@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Guinn, Matt matthew_guinn@kernhigh.org Principal
Hammons, Alicia alicia_hammons@kernhigh.org Teacher - English / Drama
Hampton, Courtney courtney_hampton@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science
Hardin, Jennifer Jennifer_Hardin@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Haskell, Tom tom_haskell@kernhigh.org Teacher – Athletics Director
Helms, Amanda Amanda_Helms@kernhigh.org Teacher – Speech Pathologist
Helms, Brooke Brooke_Helms@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Henry, Kim khenry@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Hicks, Doug  doug_hicks@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Howe, David
Teacher – Math & Media Arts
Hudlow, Kristin khudlow@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science
Huens, Brian Bryan_Huens@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science
Hure, Marc mhure@kernhigh.org Teacher – English / ELL
Ianiero, Jennifer jennifer_ianiero@kernhigh.org Teacher – OCI
Iturriria-Alexander, Suzy suzy_iturriria@kernhigh.org Teacher – Modern Language
Jimenez, Olivia olivia_jimenez@kernhigh.org Classified – Switchboard
Johns, Brenda bjohns@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science
Johnston, Loretta Loretta_Johnston@kernhigh.org Classified - Senior Attendance Clerk
Jojola, Jennifer Jennifer_Jojola@kernhigh.org Classified - School Nurse
Kessler, Don Don_Kessler@kernhigh.org Classified – Athletic Trainer
Kimmel, Allison Allison_Kimmel@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Lee, Alex alex_lee@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Lee, Stephanie stephanie_lee@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Lotze, Betsy blotze@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science (Dept. Chair)
Machado, Tiffany tiffany_machado@kernhigh.org Teacher - Math
Martinez, Michael michael_martinez@kernhigh.org Teacher  – Special Education
Mason, Natalie michael_martinez@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Mawson, Scott scott_mawson@kernhigh.org Teacher – Social Studies
Mays, Melissa melissa_mays@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
McClellan, Lenora lenora_mclellan@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Meadors, Michelle michelle_luckett@kernhigh.org Teacher – English (Department Chair)
Mendoza, Joshua Joshua_Mendoza@kernhigh.org Classified – Parent Center
Miller, Cory Cory_Miller@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Minnie, Stacy stacy_minnie@kernhigh.org Classified – School Secretary
Morley, Craig cmorley@kernhigh.org Teacher – Modern Language

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Muro, Andy andy_muro@kernhigh.org Head Counselor - D-G
Nieto, Leticia leticia_nieto@kernhigh.org Classified – School Office Supervisor
Nunez, Linda Linda_Nunez@kernhigh.org Classified – Independent Studies Secretary
Olejnik, Paul polejnik@kernhigh.org Teacher – Social Studies
Orozco, Yesenia Yesenia_Orozco@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Orr, Marlena Marlena_Orr@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Ortiz, Maneli Maneli_Ortiz@kernhigh.org Classified – Bilingual I.A.
Ouska, Matt matt_ouska@kernhigh.org Teacher – Performing and Vocal Arts (Department Chair)
Palacios, Kari kari_palacios@kernhigh.org Assistant Principal of Instruction
Patino, Denise denise_patino@kernhigh.org Classified - Attendance Clerk
Peasha, Pierre pierre_peasha@kernhigh.org Teacher – Voc. Ed. Industrial Technology 
Peasha, Sigrid sigrid_peasha@kernhigh.org Classified – Student Store Manager
Pendleton, Brenda bpendleton@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science
Peterson, Scott john_peterson@kernhigh.org Teacher – Independent Studies
Peterson, Stanisha stanisha_peterson@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Ramirez, Stephen stephen_ramirez@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Ransick, Anthony Anthony_Ransick@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Redstone, Beau bredstone@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Reneau, Brandy Brandy_Reneau@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Rich, Maureen mrich@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education Secretary
Roberts, Marti marti_roberts@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Robins, Cindy cindy_robins@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Roux, Richard rroux@kernhigh.org Teacher – Social Studies
Russell, Holly holly_russell@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Salazar, Melissa melissa_salazar@kernhigh.org Teacher – School Psychologist
Sanchez, Chris chris_sanchez@kernhigh.org Assistant Principal of Administration
Santiago, Hernan hernan_santiago@kernhigh.org Teacher – Physical Education
Santiago, Julie julie_santiago@kernhigh.org Teacher – Physical Education
Sheehan, Melissa Melissa_Sheehan@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education
Smith, Colin colin_smith@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science / Robotics
Smith-Bamburg, Allison allison_smith@kernhigh.org Classified - Mental Health Clinician
Stanton, Brian bstanton@kernhigh.org Teacher – Visual Arts
Starrett, Morgan Morgan_Starrett@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Starrett, Richard Richard_Starrett@kernhigh.org Teacher – Physical Education / APEX
Stockton Martinez, Yvette Yvette_Stockton@kernhigh.org Teacher – Visual Arts
Stoner, Chad chad_stoner@kernhigh.org Teacher – Special Education
Stuebbe, Jacob jacob_stuebbe@kernhigh.org Dean of Student Services
Taylor, Lauren lauren_taylor@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Torres, Nicole nicole_torres@kernhigh.org Classified – Dean's Secretary
Trowbridge, Chris Chris_Trowbridge@kernhigh.org Teacher – Physical Education (Department Chair)
Trowbridge, Damond dtrobridge@kernhigh.org Classified – Computer Technician
Trunnell, Mark mtrunnell@kernhigh.org Teacher – Science
Vargas, Chantel Chantel_Vargas@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Vasquez, Maria maria_vasquez@kernhigh.org Classified – Special Education 
Vaughan, Jeff jvaughan@kernhigh.org Teacher – Math
Viss, Gage Gage_Viss@kernhigh.org Teacher – Social Studies
Wattenbarger, April April_Wattenbarger@kernhigh.org Classified – Counseling Secretary
Wells, Erin Erin_Wells@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Whiting, Mike mike_whiting@kernhigh.org Classified – Police Officer
Wilder, Anna anna_wilder@kernhigh.org Teacher – English
Wisdom, Lalanie lanie_wisdom@kernhigh.org Classified – Registrar
Woolf, Tommy tommy_woolf@kernhigh.org Teacher - Wood