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Administration and Office Personnel

Christine_Baltazar Ms. Cristina Baltazar 
Activities/Athletics Secretary
Email Ms. Baltazar
Ms. Irene Canez
School Community Specialist
Email Ms. Canez
Chapman_Mrs. Jayna6_small Mrs. Jayna Chapman 
Activities Director
Email Mrs. Chapman
April_Forbus Mrs. April Forbus 
Finance Secretary
Email Mrs. Forbus
Gibbs_Li_small Mrs. Li Gibbs 
Email Mrs. Gibbs
Tom_Haskell Mr. Tom Haskell 
Athletics Director
Email Mr. Haskell
Hayes_Cindy_small Mrs. Cindy Hayes  
Guidance Technician
Email Mrs. Hayes
Dean_Juola Mr. Dean Juola 
Email Mr. Juola
Mr. Mike Lucero
Email Mr. Lucero
Stacy_minnie Mrs. Stacy Minnie  
School Secretary
Email Mrs. Minnie
Nieto_Leticia_small Mrs. Leticia Nieto  
School Office Supervisor
Email Mrs. Nieto
Morley_Craig_small Mr. Craig Morley  
Testing Director
Email Mr. Morley
Mr. Jeremy Newfield 
Dean of Students
Email Mr. Coleman
Mrs. Sarah Roth
Attendance/Health Clerk
Email Mrs. Roth
Chris_Sanchez Mr. Chris Sanchez 
Assistant Principal, Administration
Email Mr. Sanchez
Mrs. Amy Short  
Counseling Secretary
Email Mrs. Short
Kristy_Towel Mrs. Kristy Towle 
Assistant Principal, Instruction
Email Mrs. Towle
Mrs. Nicole Torres
Attendance Clerk
Email Mrs. Torres
 Damond Trowbridge Mr. Damond Trowbridge
Computer Technician
Email Mr. Trowbridge
 Lalanie_Wisdom Ms. Lalanie Wisdom
Dean’s Office Secretary
Email Ms. Wisdom